Dear partners,


Warm greetings from ASH Berlin! With this e-mail we would like to inform you that you can already nominate your students for the summer term 2023 and give you a preview to what we expect of the summer term 2023 at ASH Berlin. You can find regularly updated information on our website for exchange students.

Summer term 2023 academic calendar and teaching mode


The teaching and exam period of the summer term 2023 is scheduled to run from 3rd of April 2023 until 22th of July 2023. Please note that the individual academic stays might end a little earlier, depending on the individual course choices. The mandatory orientation period is scheduled from 27th to 29th of March 2023. 


For the time being, we expect the summer term 2023 to be taught in presence. However, short-notice changes may be necessary, depending on the current pandemic situation. We will publish possible changes on our website about the Covid-19 pandemic and student exchange at ASH Berlin.



Nominations, applications and preparatory online webinars for students:


If you wish to nominate students for the summer term 2023 at ASH Berlin, please do so anytime between now and approx. end of October 2022 by simply sending us an e-mail with your nomination and student details to The absolutely latest deadline for the nominations is 15th of November 2022, but we'd suggest you nominate your students beforehand. We must have received the students' applications both online and via letter by 15th of December 2022 at the latest. As soon as we have received the nomination, we will send the students an info e-mail, informing them about the next steps to take care of for their application at ASH Berlin.


On 27th of October 2022 we will also hold a preparatory live webinar with all nominated students informing them about courses and ECTS at ASH Berlin and about how to prepare their Learning Agreement. We will then also answer possible questions about their application at ASH Berlin. We kindly ask your students to only send their Learning Agreements after having attended the webinar live or after having watched the recording.



Situation in Berlin / travel restrictions and border controls / quarantine measures


Currently, there are still some restrictions in effect in Berlin, f.e. you need to show proof of full vaccination/recovery or a negative test result of the same day when entering the ASH building and you need to wear an FFP2 mask inside the ASH building as well as on public transport and in doctor's offices, hospitals and care facilities. There are no travel restrictions and border controls in effect at European borders at the moment, but we recommend your students to regularly check our website for up to date information as the situation may well have changed by the time the students arrive in Berlin.



Courses and Learning Agreements


Please note that our BA Social Work programme started in a new version in summer term 2022. The new study programme will replace the old programme step by step, so there are two study versions in place at the moment (see the attached course overviews). If you wish to receive a course overview for any other study programme, please contact us.


Please note that there are two different overviews attached to this e-mail: one in German (called "Orientierungshilfe ECTS") and one in English (called "ECTS and Course manual"). All courses on the German manual will be offered during summer term 2023. The English manual lists all courses that might be offered during summer term 2023. The exact English course offer will only be published by March 2023. In order to prepare their Learning Agreement, we ask those students who would like to study in English to refer to courses from the English manual only. To find out more about our English-taught courses, the so-called "International Curriculum", please check our website.

ECTS and Course Manual Social Work_summer term 2023 

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